About Us

At the end of 1991 was released by God a small seed. Those who participated could never imagine the grandiose plan that God had for that group. Based at Wayside Baptist Church as a Sunday school class of approximately 8 people were learning about God, his plans and his love for us through our Lord Jesus Christ and all this in our own language! God added others and meet us at the home of one of the brothers also on Fridays (blessed Fridays!). From there, like a fire that spreads quickly, we become in 1992 the Brazilian Mission of the Wayside Baptist Church We graciously ceded a small lounge next to the Church, known as the “Yellow House”, where we the Sunday school class, morning and evening worship services on Sundays, beyond meeting the Friday in the home. As for a child developing the abundant grace of God has provided us more space as the “Yellow House” was no longer enough for about 40 brothers who attended the meetings. We were then granted the meeting hall of the mother church and not only that, also the cozy chapel with its annexes. Finally in May 31, 1994 fulfilled-if God’s purpose with the birth of Kendall Brazilian Church.

Today, we are a Brazilian church with around 200 members whose goal is to know God the father through his word, the Bible, under the illumination of the holy spirit that reveals the person of the Lord and sole Savior Jesus Christ. We have a deep and meaningful, personal relationship with the beloved Trinity and teach the way of salvation in Jesus Christ especially the Brazilian community in Miami.